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Dreams last night

Intense. Technicolor. Hollywood quality. I could have stayed in a coma enjoying these dreams indefinitely.

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    I went through this phase one summer where I read nothing but books on the LRRP patrols of the Vietnam war, just one book right after the other, all at the same time, bam bam bam. Totally obsessed with it. The dreams I had at that time were incredible, and like you described – intense, Technicolor, Hollywood quality. So, I know where you’re coming from on this one. I could feel the adrenaline flow as I ran through the Laotian jungles, my legs pumping, the sweat beading on my brow. One moment the dream would be from a third person view, observing everything happening around me, next thing I know I’m footing it through palm fronds in a spectacular first person view. Would be nice to know what triggers this.

  2. When I was in the 8th grade, I kept a dream journal. At first I barely remembered anything. Then over time I started remembering greater detail and multiple dreams per night. The journal documented recurring dreams with odd twists. I got to the point that I could rewind dreams and change their outcomes. At the time, I had not heard the term “lucid dreaming.” I had to start waking up earlier just to record the quantity of information I was remembering. And then there was one dream I recorded about a future event. I recorded with great detail information about a place I had never visited. I have tried to explain it away with rationalizations like “I overheard others describing the place” “I must have seen pictures” etc but really it was a bizarre, inexplicable incident that to this day I cannot fully explain away.

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