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State of Me

Stress is high right now. So high I can feel the blood coursing through my veins. I am not having dizzy spells but if I do not get this under control, I could see them happening in the not to distant future.

What has me stressed? Two factors. Primarily a coding project to which I have volunteered my services. My piece is now mission critical. The other is that always present thing which some people mistakenly think can not buy you happiness…money. I should have control over both of these but this morning they have control over me. It’s a simple trick of the mind. I’m thinking about these things so much that I’m not accomplishing anything.

There are dreamers that dream
And dreamers that do.

[Source unknown..I always thought that was Ogden Nash but maybe it was me :)]

So I need to do more and think less. As I type this, it occurs to me that neither the project nor money is the problem. I am simply addicted to brain crack (language warning).

This video contains words that begin with the letter F.

Update: Coffee must have kicked in. I’m on fire now!

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