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Starting the School Day Wrong

We overslept and then found both the upstairs and downstairs toilets clogged.

3 thoughts on “Starting the School Day Wrong

  1. My son overslept this morning too, but luckily I had set an alarm for myself so I could make sure he had gotten up. He managed to make the bus in about 20 minutes. But when my boyfriend got up he went into the bathroom and was like “WTF?” really loud. From my bed I was like “what is it??!!” and then he goes, “OMG, seriously??!!”. I really expected there to be a dead body or something in the bathtub. Finally I was like “Would you tell me what is wrong??” and he goes, “The bathtub is filled and there is a rag stuffed into the drain! Why would your son doo thaaat?” I was like, “um, perhaps he was in such a hurry he didn’t notice the tub filling or that a washcloth had gotten in the drain, just pull it out.” And that was all I heard about it. But really, his total over-reaction was just too annoying at 7:30 am, lol.

  2. That’s what they say about my total over-reactions in the mornings too.

  3. Doug’s over-reactions are not limited to the morning. “Total over-reaction Doug” is now TORD. Next time, tell the boyfriend, “Don’t be such a TORD.”

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