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Seeking Referral – Surveyor

KNOXVILLE: I’m about to start some landscaping projects. Can anyone recommend a surveyor? I want to reconfirm the boundaries of the yard, easements, and underground utilities.

4 thoughts on “Seeking Referral – Surveyor

  1. In reference to wires—Call the power company and ask them to mark the wires—It is the call before you dig thing. OR YOU WILL PAY through the you know what if you break a wire. We have had to do this many times. Not pay, but call. Funny, we were chatting about the same landscaping project today. Good luck and have fun landscaping.

  2. As far as surveyorship–just go to city hall and request a copy of your property. Everything is of public record. Have fun with that too.

  3. I have a strong desire to see little red flags all over the property.

  4. Thought for the day—little critters have been known to delight in collecting such flags or creating another design—Spray cans of many colors are also a lot of fun. Enjoy your day!!

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