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Switching Spam Filters

I have been a huge Spam Karma fan for years but the open source community does not seem to be taking the ball and running with it.

As of January 1st, 2009, I am no longer developing, maintaining or supporting Spam Karma. If you want to contribute to its code or download the latest GPL release, you can check out the code repository, over at Google Code. [Source,]

So I’m switching to Akismet. The last time I tried Akismet, I had many false positives. That is, it reported real comments as spam. With Spam Karma, I had almost zero false positives for all the years I used it. If you try to leave a comment and it fails or doesn’t show up, just contact me.

3 thoughts on “Switching Spam Filters

  1. I gave up on SpamKarma a year ago, unfortunately. Now I use a combination of NoSpamNX and TanTanNoodles Simple Spam filter, plus Bad Behavior. I stay as far away from Akismet as possible, both because I don’t think it’s that good and because I don’t like the way they force it on you.

  2. I like your approach. May try that myself. Has it been effective?

  3. Actually, it works really well. And it’s not as complicated as it sounds, especially now that plugins can be updated internally. The TanTanNoodles is really just for those spammers that copy the previous comment but change the links. It has an option for spamming comments that are x% the same as previous comments. Before a week or two ago, I was just using NoSpamNX and Bad Behavior.

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