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Making a girl’s 8th birthday wish come true

Amy has her mind set on a club house for her 8th birthday (tomorrow!).

The Fantasy

On Saturday morning, Ty Pennington and his crew from Extreme Makeover Home Edition show up with a bobcat and the materials to build The Queen Anne or the Spoiler. By Saturday evening, a portion of the yard has been contoured, landscaped and become home to Amy’s new playhouse in which we celebrate her birthday inside.

The Reality

Saturday I build the Little Miss by myself leaving landscaping for a different weekendlifetime. Sunday afternoon, we celebrate Amy’s birthday inside and around her clubhouse.

Cathy’s fear

The construction will be delayed and problematic and Amy will go without any semblance of a birthday present until the end of the summer or worse.

The Wishful Desire

Any volunteers want to grab hammers and shovels and help me put this together in one day on this coming Saturday? Does beer and pizza still work in exchange for labor?

And you can bet there will be a timelapse of the build.

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  1. My dad sold realestate so go figure, as a child I thought he could build me a house outside our home. It never happened, I even drew plans. Happy Birthday to Amy. Hope her gift arrives on time.

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