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Weekend Project – Little Miss Playhouse update

My daughter received a pile of building materials for her 8th birthday with my words, "I can build this in a weekend." A year and 3 months later, we are nearing completion. The plans came from

The project has been captured in timelapse videos posted on Qik and Flickr (front only).

What is left to do? This weekend is all about installing the flooring. Right now the western red cedar is drying from a sanding sealer. The quantity of debate which went into deciding on the flooring material was insane. We finally settled on 240 linear feet of western red cedar.

Cedar-Western Red Cedar: Another wood porch flooring material is cedar. It is noted for it’s beauty and durability. Colors range from mellow ambers, to reddish and sienna browns. Red cedar is naturally resistant to decay and insects due to inherent oils.

You need not treat red cedar unless it is in contact with the ground. It has less than half the swelling characteristics of other softwoods and tends to lie flat and stay straight. If maintained properly red cedar can last for many years and is ideal for porches in all exposures.

Cedar comes in four different varieties for flooring: Architect Clear for the discriminating porch floor enthusiast to Custom Knotty which is less expensive.

[Source, Front Porch Ideas and More, Wood Porch Flooring]

Next we will size and tongue and groove the planks. Then a vapor barrier will be installed followed by nailing the wood to the sub-floor. Some quarter inch molding will be installed to cover the expansion gap. The front door will be resized to accommodate the height of the flooring. The front door will be installed. The three vent windows will be built and installed. And finally the trim work will be touched up.

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Weekend Project – Day 25

I had hoped to have the clubhouse finished by Christmas. We are so close! I have a new obstacle; One of the dogs has taken to chewing the extension cords. I lost a 100′ extension cord that had served me well for 20 years. And yesterday, I lost a 50′ extension cord that I had used once. Looks like I’m going to a totally 18v rechargeable workshop.

We are now officially done with step 16 of 27. Count Amy’s wardrobe changes.

Weekend Project - Day 25Weekend Project - Day 25

And a brief night time attempt that failed to accomplish anything.

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Weekend Project – Day 16

Weekend Project - Day 16

After many weekends dedicated to work and bad weather, we’ve resumed construction on Amy’s birthday present, the playhouse. Last weekend the overcuts on the roof sheeting were corrected and the roof sheeting completely secured. This weekend, the porch railing was added making Amy very excited as it gave a more finished look to the playhouse. We’ve completed 12 ½ steps out of 27 but at this point each step will have an significant outward impact on the appearance and a feeling of nearness to the end of the project.

Now I just need to buy a table saw.

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You’d think computers could remind you about birthdays

Last week I thought, "I’ll actually send my mother a card for her birthday." Naturally, I considered my brother’s birthday too since both my mother and my brother were born in September. Life, being what it is, came and went and I didn’t purchase or make a card. I decide to call her on her birthday. Only I didn’t call her on her birthday; I called her on my brother’s birthday. Her’s is 8 days later! It would have been fine and dandy since it was a good excuse to talk to the folks. Only, I never called my brother…

Happy Birthday Dean!

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What floor should be inside the clubhouse?

The kind folks at usually leave the inside of their clubhouses the bare plywood. They have seen people put down outdoor carpet, linoleum, and wood flooring. I am inclined to think of the plywood as a subfloor and to install some kind of flooring. If the fllooring ever became damaged, I could easily pull it out and replace it. If the plywood ever became damaged, repair or replacement would be difficult. The people at said their flooring is not rated for outdoor use and did not recommend it for the clubhouse.

What kind of flooring should I use inside the clubhouse? What about on the porch?

Weekend project- foundation and floorStopping for the night    Weekend project day 3 - 6th wall securedWeekend project day 5 - headers doneWeekend project day 5 - upper rear wallWeekend project day 6 - wall 3 doneWeekend Project Day 7Weekend project day 8 - last wall finishedWeekend project day 9 - rafters begunWeekend Project Day 10 - Rafters Secured

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Weekend Project Day 10 – Rafters Secured

Weekend Project Day 10 - Rafters SecuredI’m programming today but gave myself a milestone reward and took some time to secure the rafters on Amy’s clubhouse. There are two hip rafters that will have to be cut and secured before the roofing can be added but now the house can be tarped and the children can play in it until work continues.

Projects like this make me in awe of our pioneering forefathers who had to cut and mill their own wood, make their own nails, and build their own homesteads. What a life that had to be!