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Doing those thing ya gotta do

It’s 1:40am. I’m exhausted. I’ve just torn my office apart looking for a lost piece of paper required for a form. I found it! Unfortunately, I’m now torn between grabbing some sleep or staying up all night to fill out the form for which I needed this piece of paper (no small task). Of course, one son has to be at the high school by 7:45 so tomorrow is an early day. This adult life is hard sometimes. I recommend keeping yours as simple as possible. Stay on top of things. Don’t procrastinate. And with that said, I’m going to bed. This paperwork can get done tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Doing those thing ya gotta do

  1. i have clients that swear by neatreceipts — but if i had the discipline to scan this stuff when I’m supposed to, i’d have the discipline to file it where it’s supposed to go.

    I have an hp 2727 aio, but it’s scan to pc fxn is slow and its email drivers use mapi (gag). don’t use it.
    I also have a hi-resolution camera smartphone, that my bank will deposit my clients checks (snap the image, upload the pic, and you’ve got the cash) but getting it adjusted right to get a good quality / low glare image is more hassle than it’s worth, especially for detailed documents.

    Finally invested $1200 in a canon ir1025if, a beautiful piece of equipment that can take a stack of paper, scan it into a pdf, and mail it to the cloud, from where I can never lose it!

    It’s so fast that I can be done in a few seconds, so I don’t think I don’t have time to do it right now, and if I don’t have time, I can simply set the doc on the adf, and do them when I can. My kids love running the thing (still at the age when it’s cool to help dad, which also helps) — of course at some point they’re going to expect compensation and quote anti-slavery laws….
    nothing like your 8yo daughter telling you…

    “Daaaad, Lincoln freed the slaves!”

  2. Haha. Lincoln! Sounds like my kids.

    I’ll have to check out the canon ir1025if. I’ve been looking at the Receipts app and the Xpenser app on the iPhone but haven’t tried either yet. I think should add receipt scanning to their application.

    And I think POS (point of sale) software should start giving the options to email a receipt (U-Haul already does this when you buy propane), or send receipt by bluetooth, or allow the scanning of a QR code so that at the register I could use my phone to scan the QR code and instantly have the receipt in my phone. Paper needs to die die die.

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