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There are no girl Jedi!

While having coffee one morning at Mojoe’s Trailside Coffeehouse, one of the customers mentions her girl will be attending Jedi camp. Oh! I have to get Evan into this and sure enough, he finds a slot just before the camp fills up. Camp is the last week of June 2011 and Evan had a blast!

Fast forward to today, September 8, 2011, and I’m having coffee in Mojoe’s and talking to the wonderful mother who turned me onto Jedi camp. In the grand scheme of Evan’s life, an enormous amount of time has passed between Jedi Camp and today. The mother says, "Your son is Evan right?" The gears start turning in my head as she continues, "Evan and my daughter had a fight." My heart sinks. The mother smiles, "Evan told my daughter that girls cannot be Jedi. And my daughter argued with him and told him about the women in the Clone Wars." After a chuckle, we talk about little minds, the funny things they produce, and amazement at the fact that the two are still talking about and remembering Jedi Camp. Good times!

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