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WordPress 3.4 limited to 90 menu items

I’m working on a WordPress site. The site is to have roughly 106 pages all accessible via the WordPress menu system so that the enduser can add and remove pages from the menu as they like. Unfortunately, WordPress currently only allows 90 nodes (ie. 90 menu items) per menu. I have not figured out if this is a memory limitation, a hard coded limitation, or a setting yet. This must be overcome!


Possible solutions:

  • Use add descendants as submenu items plugin
  • Check error logs and make sure max post vars was not exceeded. If so, increase in either .htaccess or php.ini
  • See if and suhosin.request.max_vars are used with Dreamhost

11 thoughts on “WordPress 3.4 limited to 90 menu items

  1. Thank you so much. Helped to register in .htaccess “php_value max_input_vars 10000”!

  2. Yes, the max_input_vars in the php.ini file changed to 2000 fixed the problem

  3. Glad to hear it helped!

  4. hello i am adding the code to the htaccess of my wordpress installation

    if this ok?

    thanks for your advise!

  5. in the php ini i changed the vars to 10000 but still is not working when i add a new item in the menu

    once i add a new item and press save , the item is not appearing in the menu section

    anyone can help please? thanks!

  6. Jose, I’ll take a look.

  7. Jose, in your php.ini try increasing the size of “” and “suhosin.request.max_vars”. I have mine set at 60000. 10000 may not be enough.

  8. Hello bro i changed my max vars to 60000 but is still not working, do you have another suggestion? thanks!

  9. I recommend putting a file in your root directory with a single line that reads and browsing to that file. Name it something like serversettings.php and browse to then search through the settings to see if your host accepted your change to 60000. It may be that your host doesn’t allow overrides or has a different procedure for overrides.

    Good luck!

  10. btw, I eventually switched to Dreamhost using a virtual private server and had better luck with this.

  11. Hello Doug,

    sorry for my delay replying,

    this is my file with the phpinfo

    can you advise please?? i ca’t find the su.hosin velue so i am lost


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