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More cord cutting

I did it. I committed to being a Comcast customer for the next 2 years. $109.95 per month set in stone. 50Mbps down/ 10Mpbs up. Unlimited. $200 installation fee; $150 rebate. And yes, if I terminate in less than 24 months, I’m on the hook for 75% of the remainder. So if 6 months remain when I cancel, I’d owe $495.

Negatives? No television whatsoever. Positives? No more data cap.

My overage charges alone in July were $110.

Now, saying, “I’m going to pay $2638.80 for two years of Internet connectivity” sounds ludicrous. Add in Netflix roughly $20 a month. $3118.80 and Hulu ($7.99/mth) $3310.56. And now add cellphone service: $12,358,56. So, if my family wanted to cut out all entertainment and phone services, in two years, I could take them on one of the cheaper Disney vacations. Or, we could skip Disney and stay current with The Walking Dead.

2 thoughts on “More cord cutting

  1. Weren’t they supposed to start offering an add-on to remove the cap for $30/mo in our area? I’ve been holding out for that instead of switching to business class. $30/mo without a contract is more appealing at the moment, but I may be making the same switch as you if they don’t offer that add-on here.

  2. That would definitely be a game changer. I’ll look into this week. It’s still a crooked, money grabbing business practice.

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