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From the mouths of babes

Is your pet a healthy weight?

Context: Evan, our 11 year old, helped me drop one of the cats off at the veterinarian for a comprehensive exam last Wednesday. Behind the scale is this sign. Recently, both our 12 year old and 9 year old German Shepherds died.

Evan, 11 years old, studies the sign: "Dad, I think our next dog should be a three, four, or five."
Me: "Evan, that’s not a menu."

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  1. Not the point, I know, but I hate those charts. I have greyhounds, which are supposed to be a bit leaner than #2 and are dangerously overweight if they look like #3, but people (even people who work in veterinary clinics) are so used to seeing this damned chart that they will lecture new sighthound owners into putting weight on their dogs. And it’s not just greyhounds! This is how we get fat chihuahuas, labs, dachshunds, etc.

    (sorry, you found one of my hidden rant buttons)

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