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More upset than I expected

We all have our time. It comes. It goes. I’m pragmatic. I’m stoic. So I am surprised at how upsetting today has been to me. I am also a romantic. A philosopher. The physical manifestation is just that…something expected and done. The problem is the metaphorical interpretation of today’s event reaches too deeply into my being. I require downtime. And distraction. But responsibilities have to be dwelt with first.

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How to express discontent

Our indoor cat is fairly tolerant. The litter box can be down right foul and she still uses it. Last night my pillow was marked by the cat. This morning the dog bed was marked by the cat. A pair clean pants was marked by the cat. And now, the couch marked by the cat. Perhaps she was expressing her discontent that someone had thrown trash into her litter box.

Today I learned that I can punt a 30 yard field goal and have the football land on its feet. Perhaps I was expressing my discontent over an expression of discontent.

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So, I’m noticing my newly cleaned desk has picked up bloodstains. A variety of interesting thoughts pass through my mind but after eliminating myself as the bleeder I quickly summize the cat is bleeding. A cross look to the dog; a grab of the cat and the evaluation begins. One of her front claws has poked into her pad. A large vet bill isn’t in the budget! My ARC training swirls through my head but my survival instinct says that if I try to take care of this myself that my arms will be shredded. What to do?!