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Anyone use TinyMCE?

Has anyone implemented TinyMCE to accept cut and paste from MS Word? I’m having an issue where it takes the cut and paste within Firefox correctly but alters the formating when pasted within Internet Explorer

IE: *p**font face="Times New Roman" size="3"* */font*/p**strong*
FF: *p class="MsoNormal"* */p* *p align="center" style="text-align: center" class="MsoNormal"**strong**span style="font-size: 20pt; font-family: Tahoma; color: red"*

Note: To get this example typed in within WordPress (which used TinyMCE btw) I had to replace my greater than and less than signs with astericks. Has anyone worked through this? I’m so frustrated I’ve switched to trying to get Xinha working but am running into a whole different set of issues.

UPDATE: Xinha works great!

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WYSIWYG editor choices

Almost every web application I write has some form of content management piece. People have come to expect MS Word style functionality at no additional cost. Naturally it would cost a fortune to build an editor from scratch so thank goodness we have the open source community! For eons I used Ezedit but this eventually evolved into ActiveEdit with a pricetag. I switched to FCKEditor (those are the author’s initials you dirty minded people) but was disappointed with the difficulty I had integrating it with each new site plus I couldn’t get it to work well with FireFox. I changed to TinyMCE and have been thrilled but started searching around for the greener grass. I found this outstanding chart that every developer must bookmark which gives me the confidence that TinyMCE is the greener grass!

As a sidebar, both Drupal and WordPress use TinyMCE.

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Free ColdFusion Script Engine

Many people view the price of Allaire’s Macromedia’s Adobe’s ColdFusion Server as a drawback. I view it as a plus since I feel strongly that you get what you pay for in this world. However, for those clients unwilling to pay the price, they now have a free option with IgniteFusion. I wonder if this developed from this scripting language of the same name released Oct 17, 2002?

Of course, NewAtlanta’s BlueDragon has been around awhile but their free version looks to be limited to a single ip developer edition now and their prices are approaching Adobe’s.