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Gmail for your domain

So you own a domain. Technically you control a 2nd level domain. A TLD is .com .net .edu and so forth. These are controlled by ICANN but that’s a whole different discussion. Back to "so you own a domain." For instance, I have control over I was able to create a third level domain to house this blog at With my hosting I have the ability to create email accounts that end in so that I could have,, and so forth. But that means I’m limited to the capabilities and rules set forth by my web host and their email server. That might mean I can only have 3000 email addresses (which is the case with my kickin’ hosting at What if I wanted more? At no cost! Google has introduced its beta program, by application only, to Gmail for your domain.

This special beta test lets you give Gmail, Google’s webmail service, to every user at your domain. Gmail for your domain is hosted by Google, so there’s no hardware or software for you to install or maintain.
Gmail – 2 gigabytes of storage and search tools that help users find information fast.
Control Panel – Easily manage user accounts, aliases and mailing lists.

Note: Not everyone that applies will be accepted into the beta program. I would assume the more users your organization wants to use the more likely you will be accepted into the program.

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iTunes – the open source version

Songbird is an open source alternative to services like iTunes and Windows Media Player. Read more on BoingBoing. The names behind this are big including people who helped build Winamp (Rob Lord), Muse, Yahoo’s “Y! Music Engine” media player, and developers from Mozilla Foundation.

The app acts like a specialized web browser for music. It sees the online world through MP3-colored glasses…