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Literally, I’m going to do this

Years ago (2006 to be specific), as a fan of the show Boston Legal, I developed a form of anger management practice for myself by modeling my responses after James Spader’s character Alan Shore. Before speaking, I would ask myself, "What would Alan Shore do?" (WWASD)

I did this for several weeks with much success before confiding my plan with my wife. Now she is aware and periodically calls out, “you’re doing it now!” with a grin. I tilt my chin up slightly, give a Mona Lisaesque smile, and reply, “of course I am.”


WWASD do was fun and tempered me well. Today I’ve decided to take inspiration from another character. So, friend who reads my words, do not be surprised if I see you in public and say something like, "Hello driver who parks car poorly" or "Neighbor I only see when you need something" or "Well endowed, large breasted friend of mine." The time has come for me to channel and embody Dave Bautista’s character from Guadian’s of the Galaxy, Drax. So, what would Drax say? WWDS.