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Sheriff Hunts Someone from the Air

Yesterday a low flying sheriff’s helicopter circled over our house several times. We believe they thought a criminal was in the creek. Roughly 45 minutes later, the police scanner reported apprehending someone at the Weigel’s nearest our house and the helicopters (there were at least 2) went away. When it took the most direct path over our house I had the video camera paused and missed the best shot. This video mostly shows trees.

A couple of things you will hear in this video:

  1. "they must be 100′ off the ground" – okay. exaggeration and not well seen in this video. The first video I tried shooting, and had the dog gone thing paused, was when they flew directly overhead and it did look much lower
  2. "could it be drugs" – the DEA flies helicopters over these parts frequently during prime growing season but usually they are over the farms and properties along the river.

The person they were hunting was caught about 45 minutes later 1/4-1/2 mile from my house