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28 hours with a Pebble Smartwatch

I decided I wanted to be on the forefront of the Smartwatch revolution. For all practical purposes, I’m late. I now own a Pebble Smartwatch and intend to develop apps for it.

My first 28 hours were a delight.

It fits nicely. And naturally tells the date and time.


I can pay for my coffee by scanning that bar code (under the birds).


And the watch gives me directions without my eyes leaving the road.

These are the early days of smartwatches. Essentially we are seeing the proof of concept and the vetting of the potential for these devices. And the potential is huge!

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There is a time..turn..turn..turn

pierrejunoderiswebI soooo want this watch!

…designed by students from l’Ecole d’Arts Appliqués Genèva is a 100 % Swiss made product by Pierre Junod Switzerland and can be worn as a pocket watch, pendant or used as a small desk clock. The Materials are white hour hand & orange minute hand, anthracite anodized aluminum case, laser engraved figures, mineral glass, Swiss quartz movement…[Source, Watchismo, Eris Planetary Sphere Watch]

Seen on BoingBoing.