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Weekend Project – Water heater

Electricity to water heater turned off.
Water to house turned off.
Upstairs faucets opened.
Apparently we own new cake pans.
Downstairs faucets opened.
Draining washing machine.
Ah, perhaps we should want to scrub the floor while we are doing this.
Downstairs faucets closed.
Upstairs faucets closed.
Water to house turned off.

Stand turned for a repeat performance shortly.

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The Next Weekend Project – Bathroom

When I bought my house, my father said, "Congratulations, you now have something to do every weekend for the rest of your life." And so it began. Although the clubhouse still requires a roof, floor, windows and a door, timing has prompted us to begin the upstairs bathroom remodel. More than a decade ago, I started the downstairs bathroom remodel and it remains in limbo. If this goes poorly, my family will be living in a hotel.