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One of these two things is not as urgent as she thought

If I am in the men’s room playing Angry Birds and I can hear a woman having a conversation on her phone in the stall behind mine, either she is talking too loudly or the wall between the men’s room and the women’s room is too thin. Oh, her call is done aaaand flush. Bonus, three stars!

n.b Really people. Leave your cellphone at your desk and enjoy the movementmoment.

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The Next Weekend Project – Bathroom

When I bought my house, my father said, "Congratulations, you now have something to do every weekend for the rest of your life." And so it began. Although the clubhouse still requires a roof, floor, windows and a door, timing has prompted us to begin the upstairs bathroom remodel. More than a decade ago, I started the downstairs bathroom remodel and it remains in limbo. If this goes poorly, my family will be living in a hotel.

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Lessons of the night

In my plumbing exploits, which really should be documented on video, I’ve learned the following:

  • Brass fittings strip easily.
  • No matter how sure footed you think you are, when doing the splits between the top of a bar stool and a two by four bracing the hallway drywall suspended over a stack of paint cans and a mop bucket, applying torque to a monkey wrench that is above your head will cause you to fall down.
  • Swinging a two foot steel bar with your left hand against a drop forged pipe wrench (often mistaken for a monkey wrench) being held with your right hand is a mistake if you are not left handed.

Last time I did this, this plug came out much easier. Surely I’m doing something wrong.