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Seeking Referral – Landscaper/Landscape Designer

Has anyone worked with a decent landscaper or landscape designer in Knoxville? I’m not looking for someone to cut my grass but instead to help design the layout of the yard, help cultivate a thick lush grass in some parts and strategically use plants, ground covers, and shrubs in other parts of the yard. Any recommendations?

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Homeowner stupidity

I have found a sharp 7″ circular saw blade. It is clearly marked "max rpms 5,400" and I have attached it to a weed eater with a max rpm of 12,500. Why should this matter? To make it interesting, the shaft diameter is smaller than the hole in the blade so I imagine I might get some wobble. There is no safety mechanism to keep the blade from being thrown. My legs will only occupy roughly 35 degrees of the circle so if the blade gets thrown there’s a good 325 degrees left for the blade to fly into safety. Of course, I’ll be pushing the blade into brush so that probably increases the chance that the blade will come back toward my ankles. We’ll see. Next post from the ER.

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The soil 3 feet from my stoop

An hour ago, stepping out my front door included having your ankles swarmed by 100 mosquitoes, a dead bird, and enough landmines to give a Vietnam vet flashbacks. I relented. Determined to rid myself of the mosquitoes I pondered ripping out the entire front porch. Instead I looked under it. A dog toy in the shape of a tire..holding water. 5 planters holding dirt and plants. Some plastic cups..lazy children. Toys and trash.

One can of back yard fogger later, the mosquitoes have cleared out enough for me to work. Under the porch is now clear. And the bird is buried with enough dog and cat manure that I’m sure we’ll grow a new one quickly. I’m know it will grow. The ground seems fertile. My 7 year old girl found the remains of a potato filled with airsoft pellets hanging from the branch of a tree. It had a couple of sprouts so she took the target and buried it 3 feet from the stoop. We now have a healthy looking potato garden standing about a foot high. Imagine the convenience! Two steps to dinner!

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My yard: The sounds of nature

I love sitting on my porch and just listening. This was from a week ago but tonight is equally as awesome. I’m not sure the recording does this justice. The sound outside is incredible, almost deafening. I find it extremely pleasant. It is also all around. Imagine no matter which way you turn or look this sound is in front of you, behind you, above you, and to your sides. Close your eyes and enjoy or turn on the visualizer in iTunes, Winamp, or Windows Media Player.

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Masked Marauders Falling from the Sky

I just heard the most awful screaming outside like cats fighting buy only different. A quick glance to the couch assured me the dogs were inside, safe and not causing problems. I bolted outside but didn’t make it one step beyond the threshold of the front door for staring at me was a raccoon! As a leaves and a flower floated down from the tree above, I shot quick looks for the cat because sure the cat and raccoon were having a territorial issue. No, she sat calmly on the brick end of the wall where her food bowl stays out of the dogs’ reach. She stared at the ‘coon as if to voice, "what’s your problem?" The raccoon was stunned and so was I. Before I could pull my senses together enough to take a picture, since it was only 5 feet away from me, the raccoon waddled off. I looked up and there in the tree were two other raccoons looking down. Obviously they had a disagreement and this one was either pushed for fell 50 or 60 feet to the ground. Wonder if it is hurt. These must be the family of 5 cute babies that used to raid our garbage so long ago. They have grown into plump adults. I bet the clan is down to three (or maybe two now).