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"Murphy was an optimist!"

Store your bullets out of the reach of toddlers! May 31, 2006 5:32 pm

Posted by Doug McCaughan in : Cathy, Daily Life, Evan, Family, Sex
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I went upstairs and couldn’t believe my eyes. Mixed in with the toys scattered across the living room floor was a, um, er, a marital aid. Obviously a 1 year old dragged it out of a storage space and became disenchanted with the toy dropping it in the middle of everything to move onto less embarassing toys like kitchen knives.

Coming close to a recreation of a scene from Parenthood, I openly point out what I am holding to my wife while my children’s backs are to me. They of course whip around with a "What?!" response but I’m too quick. Good thing too because we have a policy in this household of "if you bring it up, you explain it!"

Asking, "What would Alan Shore do?" I reacted calmly, slipping the tool into my pocket, making eye contact with the wife, and calling Sarah to babysit for 3 minutes.

Now honey, your neck massager needs to be put somewhere different. And feel free to read all kinds of double entendre into that.

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1. Dean - June 1, 2006


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3. Tim - August 16, 2006

we have a drawer we dont want the kids to find – i guess most people do!
not quite sure how we would explain it if they did…

4. djuggler - August 17, 2006

I expect the mother-in-law will find ours baby sitting or something. I hate to go the morbib route but I wonder how people’s opinions change of those passed away as they clean out their belongings. “They were such as sweet couple. Oh my! Maybe ‘sweet’ isn’t the best word choice…”