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Seemed funny at the time

So, when you grab the camera to take a progress picture of your construction downstairs and your wife quips about taking a picture of your anatomy, don’t do it and definitely don’t make it the first picture in the camera because she might just start the pictures downloading on her computer in the kitchen and walk away to take a nap.

2 thoughts on “Seemed funny at the time

  1. […] gas is so expensive. When Amy’s camp was finished for the day, we left to pick up Sarah. I started the camera downloading pictures and went to get Amy and Evan settled in for a nap. After that, Noah had to go to the pediatrician […]

  2. […] used as a negative consequence for Doug’s behaviors and words. Doug just looooves it when he makes people drop their jaws. He sits at his basement desk and giggles so loud that I can hear it in the kitchen. If we get a […]

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