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AT&T to Spy On Everything You Do June 13, 2007 12:08 pm

Posted by Doug McCaughan in : Privacy, Technology, Touchy Subjects
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1984 finally arrives!

AT&T has decided to start targeting pirated content being moved across its network.

AT&T has begun selling pay-television services, the company has realized that its interests are more closely aligned with Hollywood

Don’t forget that AT&T already spies on the US citizenry for the government (see also).

Update: more words here

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[…] It slips further away everyday. Between AT&T becoming the evil empire, AOL dishing over search engine queries, the swipe of […]

2. Cathy - June 13, 2007

Do you work up your conspiracy theories on IRC or are you in a club somewhere?

3. djuggler - June 14, 2007

Unfortunately, this one is not a conspiracy theory. It’s real.