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From the mouths of babes

preparing the sandwich

Upon returning home from getting Amy to Zoocamp, I see a large bowl of Cool Ranch Doritos on the kitchen table. Noah comes in and snatches one.

Dad: "What did you eat for breakfast?"
Noah: "A cup of milk."

Noah’s eating habits become worse everyday. I battle in my head different ways of changing his diet because I feel strongly his diet is having a significant impact on his well being. Right now though, I am allowing that path of least resistance on the premise that he will eventually start trying vegetables and more interesting foods of his own accord. I fear I am wrong.

6 thoughts on “From the mouths of babes

  1. Looks good to me!

    My son is 35 years old and still will not eat most vegetables…he turned out smart and produced a great little granddaughter, so it didn’t hurt him much.

    All the times I spent trying to get him to taste something was for naught!

  2. Well that’s reassuring.

    It looks like Sarah will end up vegetarian, Noah will be a carnivore, Tommy omnivore, and its too early to tell on Amy and Evan.

  3. My parents policy with me was that of;

    “You will eat what you’re given or you won’t eat”

    Which sounds harsh, but all my food was freshly cooked and good for me. As a result today there’s not a great deal I won’t eat.

    Nowadays i’d rather have some good quality food than a McDonalds. I reckon my parents did a good job.

    I realise that today the situations are different, but I still think it’s important to eat well. 🙂

  4. I was raised similarly. We at least had to try everything twice. The first bite is the shock of something unfamiliar and the second bite is a chance to try it honestly. I love trying new foods!

  5. Absolutely, it’s totally a familiarisation process with these things, and getting used to trying new things.

    There’s so many different flavours out there, it’s such a shame to only experience a small percentage of them!

    Good call on the new site by the way Doug, I like it a lot. I’ll try and jump into #coldfusion when I get a chance!

  6. Look forward to seeing you there. trac, svn, and drupal have pulled me into freenode a bit here of late and I always pop in the #coldfusion there to see if you are about.

    Thanks re site. If I can ever get some downtime, I want to actually write my own theme from scratch and limit the quantity of js and other weighty stuff on the page.

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