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Beating Around the Bush

struck by the Marker Fairystruck by the Marker Fairy

Well, I guess the title of this post is a bit more direct than my wife. See I think there has been some confusion over the Marker Fairy references. During Blogfest I tried to explain to Lissa Kay that the color of the marker holds significance. When two grown adults’ needs fall out of sync, tensions build. You know. If one adult is a morning person and the other is a night owl, it makes communication difficult.

Marker Fairy!Marker Fairy!

Cathy has simply found an interesting way to express her needs. Btw, for those of you letting your minds wander with that squiggle on my back, it is just an ice cream cone; really, it’s an ice cream cone!

I have been meaning to give that explanation since April 21! Now that’s off my chest I wonder if we can keep the green marker off my chest too!

6 thoughts on “Beating Around the Bush

  1. I sure hope my wife don’t see this post! I already fear she’ll read the superglue stories!

  2. While we’re explaining things, I’d like to explain Comment #5.

    In your blog, you mentioned the “rouge Marker Fairy,” which would usually make it a “Red” marker — or a Red Fairy. The “rogue Marker Fairy,” on the other hand, would probably be the one rampaging with a “Green” marker … So uh … My smart-ass was missed.

    I blame Canada.

  3. You should blame it on Doug’s non-usage of spell checkers. Your funny was understood.

  4. I still blame Canada.

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