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What am I doing to my brain?

The mental exercise of jumping from one project to another at a rapid pace with breakneck deadlines is like making a bootleggers turn at interstate speeds particularly when the environment of each project changes slightly or even drastically such as CF with MS SQL to CF with MySQL to ASP with MS Access. I’m sure this either good for me or the seed for a tumor.

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Problogger’s 4th giveaway is listed

Problogger‘s Birthday Bash has announced its fourth prize. You could win TWO 20-inch FlatronWide L206WU USB-based monitors provided by DisplayLink by creating a post and linking back to the kickoff post then going to the DisplayLink post and adding a comment with your link and the word DisplayLink below it (case is important!).

Remember, once you win a prize, you cannot win any others so make sure you are entering for prizes you want.

These monitors are USB monitors and some people have expressed concern that lag due to limitations of USB speed could make these monitors less than adequate for gaming. This video by ndíyo shows some great potential for these monitors. I found it very exciting! Of course, Engadget has some words.