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Let’s talk SEO and domain names

Say for more than half a decade (really its been a decade) Cathy has blogged as and she has. Let’s say on a whim she decides she would rather be blogging as (in reality she hasn’t..this is simply a working example). Currently forwards to To complicate things, let’s say they are registered at 2 different registrars so DNS is handled by two different organizations.

Many options exist for moving a domain name. What is the best way to make the primary url for Cathy’s website instead of without losing the search engine rankings or readership and without creating broken links?

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Need input from SEO/copyright experts

Hello world of Search Engine Optimization! The content thieves are frustrating. But does having someone reprint the first few sentences of a post and link back to you really hurt? What does it do for pagerank? Isn’t it simply a qualified link back to Reality Me? For example, has reprinted Darren’s prize list. Should I really care? Is it worth the fight?

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You have 3.5 hours for a chance at one of 24 prizes

Problogger has announced its next round of prizes. Before Noon (EST), write a blog entry with a "blogging" "tip" then post the link to your entry in the Problogger comments with a note on which prize you would prefer. Only one entry per person and it has to be new material.

As a reminder, once you win a prize in the $54,000 giveaway, you cannot win again. Make sure the 24 prizes are appealing to you!

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Problogger’s 4th giveaway is listed

Problogger‘s Birthday Bash has announced its fourth prize. You could win TWO 20-inch FlatronWide L206WU USB-based monitors provided by DisplayLink by creating a post and linking back to the kickoff post then going to the DisplayLink post and adding a comment with your link and the word DisplayLink below it (case is important!).

Remember, once you win a prize, you cannot win any others so make sure you are entering for prizes you want.

These monitors are USB monitors and some people have expressed concern that lag due to limitations of USB speed could make these monitors less than adequate for gaming. This video by ndíyo shows some great potential for these monitors. I found it very exciting! Of course, Engadget has some words.

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Get a piece of $54,000 this week!

Darren Rowse of Prologger fame is giving away USD$54,000 in celebration of Prologger’s birthday. Subscribe to the feed to be informed. The first giveaway was posted an hour ago. It is 12 copies (to 12 people) of Aaron Wall’s SEO Book ($79 value). Simply comment "I love SEO!""I LOVE SEO!" on Lara Kulpa‘s post The First Giveaway Begins within the next 6 hours.

UPDATE: Laura points out that case is important. Pay attention to the details and follow instructions to a T bloggers!