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Hair Grooming 2007

combWhat ever happened to those little combs? As I grew up, I constantly had 4 things: 1) my Old Timer pocket knife, 2) my watch, 3) a handkerchief, and 4) a black, hard plastic comb. I never carry a comb anymore but I can predict my wife will be quick to comment on my pocket stuff (today consists of 2 pocket knives, 2 sets of keys, wallet, change purse, handkerchief, cell phone, and a pen). Happy Days was a favorite show of mine and what boy of my generation didn’t grow up sweeping a comb through his hair doing a Fonzie? So, whatever happened to these combs? I cannot recall the last time I actually saw someone fix their hair with one and slip it back into their pocket much less create a kazoo!

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Not in America! And Only in Knoxville…

Does that suit drive you nuts? Would you like to be a little more casual? Perhaps the Audrey Underwear company is for you.

The Audrey Underwear company in Taiwan asked it’s 500 women employs in the firms head quarters to come to work in camisoles and knickers to celebrate record sales. … More than 90% of female workers reportedly went along with the spirit of the day and worked in their underwear. [Source]

This takes Half-nekkid Thursdays to a new level!

And Knoxville shows its butt on the news with a woman who wants her butt implants removed: – Watch more free videos