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American Red Cross Tornado Blog February 6, 2008 9:45 am

Posted by Doug McCaughan in : Announcements, Environment, Health, Of Interest, Touchy Subjects
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American Red CrossThe American Red Cross (ARC) has set up a website in response to the Tennessee tornadoes. I learned this because I follow @Redcross on Twitter as you should.

This site is for public information about the American Red Cross response to the Tennessee tornadoes of February 2008. [Source, Tennessee Tornadoes, American Red Cross] [more info]

They had a similar site for Northwest Flooding 2007. If you are looking for loved ones or have been displaced by a disaster, please use the Safe and Well List to help inform family and friends. Safe and Well is easily accessible through your phone using Twitter.

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1. TORNADO SHELTER - March 2, 2009

Tornadoes are the evil in nature, a strong force of nature that has yet to be resolved. I hope it ends and stops taking lives.