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I’m moving to France!

This probably isn’t safe for work. The New York one has a bit of a disturbing aspect to it. The France one feels more fun.

Thank you Internet!

(Apparently this happens in New York too Seen at Synthtopia)

Update: Jon found an interview on Pitchfork with the co-directors (Taylor Cohen and Otto Arsenault) and stars (Matt and Kim). Don’t forget, France has healthcare!

Update: Some links- Make the Girl Dance MySpace page, Make the Girl Dance blog, and the unofficial Matt and Kim video.

3 thoughts on “I’m moving to France!

  1. […] been meaning to post this (prob NSFW) video, but now I can’t wait any longer because Doug just did. And here is a nifty interview about […]

  2. I think lacking a penis makes these videos slightly less appealing to me than they are to you.

    I mean, if it actually showed what is blocked out…then maybe it’d be more interesting.

    I would like to know what they are singing about in french.

  3. Yes, I believe the penis probably has something to do with it. Penis aside, I’m impressed with the videography and the technical side of pulling off these videos. The New York one was done with permits that said “dressed inappropriately for the weather” and the film crew interacted with police along the route crying out “we’ve got permits” and their van was initially approached by a traffic cop. The officers at the end were not staged. Those were real tackles and when they found out what was going on one was apologetic and hoped they hadn’t messed up the shot.

    I also like the spirit of the videos. The carefreeness. The French one is so energetic and fun. I have not seen a behind the scenes on that one but Cathy and I suspect that was more staged with the entire block being reserved for the shoot but we could be wrong.

    Obviously Kim is okay but I had to go look up how to videos on getting hit by a car. Filming videos all the time would be so much fun! And yes, I secretly wish I was sexy enough to strip while walking down the street and not have crowds of people hurling.

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