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I’m moving to France!

This probably isn’t safe for work. The New York one has a bit of a disturbing aspect to it. The France one feels more fun.

Thank you Internet!

(Apparently this happens in New York too Seen at Synthtopia)

Update: Jon found an interview on Pitchfork with the co-directors (Taylor Cohen and Otto Arsenault) and stars (Matt and Kim). Don’t forget, France has healthcare!

Update: Some links- Make the Girl Dance MySpace page, Make the Girl Dance blog, and the unofficial Matt and Kim video.

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After the Dogwood Parade There Was Music

We watched Sarah march in Knoxville’s Dogwood Parade last night. Afterwards we watched Brenden James Wright and The Wrongs (MySpace) play on Market Square.

I was introduced to The Wrongs when my brother-in-law turned Cathy onto Luther Wright and The Wrongs’ (MySpace) Rebuild the Wall, a bluegrass cover of Pink Floyd’s The Wall. It’s excellent!

A little sidenote to the architects of Market Square: As much as I miss the old pavalion, the new stage is very nice; however, your permanent poles with the stage lighting block the view of the stage from most seating unless you are positioned directly in the middle of the audience. Couldn’t they have been swung more to the side?

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Blogger Night at the Knoxville Symphony Orchestra

Last year the Knoxville Symphony Orchestra (see also blog) invited bloggers to attend a performance and meet Maestro Lucas Richman. I was blown away. The KSO had an outstanding performance. Frank Murphy announced last week that the KSO is again offering 50 tickets to the first 50 bloggers to respond to Stephanie Burdette. I am pleased that Thursday, January 15, 2009, I and one other blogger from our house will be attending. I am not sure if they still have tickets but if you are a blogger who is in Knoxville or can make it to Knoxville on January 15, I hope to see you! (Be sure to email Stephanie Burdette if you are interested).

The deadline for emailing Stephanie is January 14 at 2:00 p.m. [Source, Frank Murphy, rock me Amadeus]

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Comparative Justice

To put this in perspective, a woman is billed $222,000 for making songs available breaking copyright (and if I read the judgment correctly it was “for making them available” not actually distributing anything—that’s like arresting me for possibly providing beer to children because I have a 6 pack in the fridge and people under 21 walk through my house) BUT a school bus driver gets busted for drinking on the job and is fined $482. (see also)

Glenn Reynolds sums it up “One offends a powerful interest group. The other just puts kids at risk.” while summarizing James Lileks.