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"Murphy was an optimist!"

Annnd they’re off! (to a bad start) January 16, 2010 9:49 am

Posted by Doug McCaughan in : Cathy, Daily Life, Family, Of Being Dad, Sarah
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Sarah has a portfolio review today near Nashville for a summer art program where she would get to live at a university and work with some very talented people. This is very important which is why I cringed when I saw Cathy’s tweet:

Why is the teenager dressed like a clown for her portfolio review? [Source, Twitter, @cathymccaughan]

After a grueling day yesterday, I failed to do the standard road checks last night. This morning as the girls were walking out the door, I found a nail in a tire. The same nail I found in the same tire weeks ago and forgot about. No problem! I could plug it in minutes only I was out of plugs. 30 minutes later, I had purchased plugs, discovered McDonald’s at Northshore and Pellissippi still has free air, fixed the tire myself, signed a conversation with an old friend, and had two very upset women driving to Nashville. Good luck Sarah!

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