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What floor should be inside the clubhouse? June 28, 2010 10:33 am

Posted by Doug McCaughan in : Amy, Birthday, Daily Life, Family, Holiday, House, Of Being Dad
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The kind folks at Woodmanor.net usually leave the inside of their clubhouses the bare plywood. They have seen people put down outdoor carpet, linoleum, and wood flooring. I am inclined to think of the plywood as a subfloor and to install some kind of flooring. If the fllooring ever became damaged, I could easily pull it out and replace it. If the plywood ever became damaged, repair or replacement would be difficult. The people at lumberliquidators.com said their flooring is not rated for outdoor use and did not recommend it for the clubhouse.

What kind of flooring should I use inside the clubhouse? What about on the porch?

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1. Ceffyl - June 28, 2010

I’d see what kind of flooring Knox Rail Salvage has. They usually have a good selection of stuff for very cheap. I got some 15 year warranty laminate there for .79/sq ft. (or sq yard? Don’t remember the unit).

Can’t wait to see what the clubhouse looks like when it’s finished!

2. MOM - June 28, 2010

When we did our kitchen floor in TN, we were given the option of remnant stock just sitting in a store area. There are numerous outs for affordable solutions. Good Luck.