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Weekend Project Day 10 – Rafters Secured

Weekend Project Day 10 - Rafters SecuredI’m programming today but gave myself a milestone reward and took some time to secure the rafters on Amy’s clubhouse. There are two hip rafters that will have to be cut and secured before the roofing can be added but now the house can be tarped and the children can play in it until work continues.

Projects like this make me in awe of our pioneering forefathers who had to cut and mill their own wood, make their own nails, and build their own homesteads. What a life that had to be!

2 thoughts on “Weekend Project Day 10 – Rafters Secured

  1. Doug,
    You’re doing a GREAT job on the clubhouse. I have watched in fascination as the clubhouse has progressed.

    I love playhouses and have a blog about them and was wondering if I can use some of your video’s and/or pictures on my blog with due credit to you?

    I look forward to seeing the clubhouse finished!


  2. Certainly! And I love what you are doing at !

    Feel free to reference the post and use the pictures and video. Once we finish, I’m hoping to edit the videos to show the construction from start to finish in one 10 minute video.

    I think I’ve tagged all the clubhouse post “birthday”
    There is a flickr slideshow here
    And all the construction pictures that I have are
    The videos can be found at

    My wife is a better photographer

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