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We Storm IHOP Again

Eating at International House of Pancakes

I’m thinking IHOP needs its own category!

On Friday night the whole crew, minus Tommy who chose to stay home and play video games, went out to eat. We replaced Tommy with one of Sarah‘s friends. Lakesha (pictured), who knows us by name, came by for a visit. She always tries to get Evan to interact and sometimes he gives smiles while other times he cries. Tonight he giggled.

I love this photo because you can see the love pouring from Sarah and Noah into their brother. Not pictured was the jealous Amy. Looking at this picture makes it is easy to understand why Amy is acting out. Amy, once the center of the universe, has been dethroned. Making sure each child gets a balanced amount of attention is always a challenge in a big family. I really like to see that each week each child gets one on one time with at least one parent. That time might be a game of chess, reading a book together, or several hours belaying at the climbing gym.

Naturally we demolished IHOP and as we exited, the HAZMAT team entered. I think they are on contract now.

Remember, FREE Pancake Day is coming February 28.

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  1. It’s too bad we don’t have an IHOP near us.

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