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Ugh. Man, the great hunter-gatherer; poor communicator.

Woman sends man on errand while woman stay in cave sweeping and complaining that "no matter how much she scrubs walls, they still look like dirt!" Man to take boy child to warrior training class. After warrior training class Man think it good idea to do hunter-gatherer job and maybe Woman not complain about the unfinished additional to cave for one night.

After warrior training class Man take boy child to market with wise idea to let boy child show Man all foods boy child likes. Boy child only like Brontosaurus burgers, Pterodactyl nuggets, and Wooly Mammoth steaks. Boy child carnivore! Frustrated Man send message to Woman, "boy child not even like sea food" to which Woman reply, "get boy child anything and bring me fish food."

Man turn on great hunter-gatherer skills and look deeply at fish food realising this not best market for fish food. Woman and Man ate recently so must be something light. Soups! Man choose gumbo and wisely decides to give Woman choice so also gets crab soup. Boy child gets Pterodactyl nuggets. Upon returning to cave, Woman look at Man funny and say, "Where’s my Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food?" Man sleep in unfinished part of cave.

Nice reference: Extinct Animal

2 thoughts on “Ugh. Man, the great hunter-gatherer; poor communicator.

  1. you big funny

  2. damn wimmins they ain’t ne’er happy

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