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Bearden Middle School Bomb Threat – Update

Bomb threat was a false alarm. Parents can now go pick their children up at the Church the school.

2 thoughts on “Bearden Middle School Bomb Threat – Update

  1. […] Since the school was given the all clear, normal classes began at 11am. Any student checked out received an unexcused absence. Words exchanged amongst parents in the office were: "the school declared this a drill and a normal day," "originally they were claiming it would be an excused absence," "all parents should call downtown to the administrative offices and complain to get this switched to an excused absence." […]

  2. […] Poor Sarah. Bomb threats, lock downs, and possibly death. Too much reality for a 12 year old. The sad thing is Sarah keeps everything locked inside of her and I can’t get anything but stoic, short answers from her. I was the same way at her age and it pains me because I know that keeping things bottled up can only last so long and eventually it all has to come out; the longer she waits, the harder it will be to deal with the bottled up emotions. I bet she thinks she is being strong; strength would be talking. At least she has caught blog fever and perhaps we can communicate that way. She shared more information about the incident in her blog than I could have dragged out of her with any other means. […]

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