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Splish Splash Now She Needs a Bath

I stole an hour this afternoon and Amy, Evan, Cathy and I took Molly out to the dog park. Molly was very excited and relatively well behaved. Some other dogs were running free and I let Molly off leash. This was the first time she realized she could go in the pond. The other dogs did and she tried to figure out how to simply get a drink but then put a paw in, then two paws, then all the way (it’s shallow at the top of the waterfall), then plop! she laid down. The entire time she is biting at the water as if she hoped to pick it up. She walked in circles chomping the whole time and then started jumping and splashing and jumping and splashing. It was riotous!

While there I was pleased to be complimented by a dog judge and therapy dog trainer for my handling of Molly. She even asked if Molly did shows!

9 thoughts on “Splish Splash Now She Needs a Bath

  1. Which dog park did you go to? I’d love to take our dog someplace where she could run without the leash. Is it fenced in?

  2. PetSafe Dog Park. It’s near the Fedex on Dutchtown road. Coming off I-40W at Lovel there are brown signs leading up to it. Coming off Pellissippi Parkway at Dutchtown it is also signed. It was a $500,000 investment by PetSafe Village that obviously increases their visibility in the animal community.

    Rule #1 PetSafe Park is an on leash park. – This is grossly overlooked. I let Molly off leash if there are not too many other dogs and if the other owners either say they don’t mind or have already let theirs off leash. If a dog comes in that may be scared by Molly I put her back on leash. Some of the agility equipment does not lend well to being used on leash.

    Map The satellite view is old and shows a field where the fenced in park is now. I love going there and if I could I’d be there once or twice a week.

  3. Oh, that’s where we board Ramona at PetSafe when we’re out of town. I just didn’t know you could let them off leash there. That’s cool, we’ll have to try it sometime.

  4. It’s usually too crowded for off-leash on Saturdays but most other days it’s fairly quiet there.

  5. Cathy, i keep getting “forbidden” when I try to go to your blog.

  6. Blogger is having problems. I’ll move Cathy to a WordPress solution this weekend. I’ve started the process of moving to The process is amazingly simple.

  7. LOL… that was cute!

  8. I really enjoyed the giddy laughter of Amy in the background.

  9. That laughter was as she stripped because she wanted to get into the water with Molly.

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