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Lucy has passed on

At roughly 11am yesterday, Lucy peacefully drew her last breath. The family grieves her loss as she has been with the children most of their lives. We have never viewed our animals as simply pets; they are family members. Molly, the dog, and Two Paws, the cat, seem sullen. Lucy shared many great times with us. She will be remembered well.

I want to thank everyone for your supportive comments (and here) on the blogs and in person!

6 thoughts on “Lucy has passed on

  1. I am so so very sorry. My family is in the middle of the same thing. Our 15 year old Golden, Maddie, is coming to the end of her life as well. And its amazing isn’t it, despite how tired their bodies are, that sweet face and that loving personality carries them all the way. I am so sorry for the pain and loss you are having. Some people don’t understand just how much a member of the family our babies can be. I have no doubt that Lucy had such a wonderful life and that you will forever have so many memories of her. Those big furry sweethearts touch our hearts and our lives in ways that sometimes we don’t even realize. Sweet dreams Lucy.

  2. We’re so sorry to hear about Lucy…

  3. […] Last night to help the children get their minds off Lucy, we met a visiting uncle and the grandparents at our favorite family restaurant, IHOP. Uncle Stinky had purchased Narnia for the children without knowing they already had it so we all headed to Best Buy for an exchange to Fraggle Rock and to give the boys a chance to use the DS Download Station. Our troops march in and immediate disperse! After making sure that the boys understood the Download Station, I headed off to find out Best Buy does not sell filters for the Roomba (time to order from iRobot). Upon returning to report into my wife, I find that Lissa Kay has identified us! She said she recognized Tommy first but her suspicions were confirmed by our numbers! […]

  4. I am so very, very sorry. I know how much my pets mean to me. May Lucy rest in peace.

  5. Never too late for condolences. A favorite cat passed on recently. We’ve lost cats before, but this loss hit me pretty hard. I can relate.

    Again, my condolences.

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