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Another reason to love Firefox

So I described a day in our lives. A highlight of Friday’s funnies was a sudden and dramatic power outage. I would say we had lightning very near the house. We lost the upstairs cable box (try living without your digital guide a couple of days! How 90s! How did we ever live before?) and my Linux server was scrambled (after reseting the cmos and some integrity checks, it lives again).

What does this have to do with Firefox? I had been on BusyMom’s site typing a long comment and was moving my mouse to press the post button when the power went out. When I restored all the machines my window came up with all my typing still in the form field. I believe I have SessionSaver .2 to thank for this!

I can’t wait to start making this house more self-sufficient regarding power.

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  1. You have all those children, why don’t you have them push a turbine in shifts?

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