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From the mouths of babes

Amy, in a sharp, loud, tattle while Dad drives the car: "Mom! Dad told me to shut up!"

4 thoughts on “From the mouths of babes

  1. […] It’s too cold to be outside, so we spent last night playing at a Chic-fil-a playground. A stranger walked up to me there and told me I look like Mary Pickford. Amy pouted the whole way home. First, because she doesn’t have an iPod. Then, because Doug hurt her feelings. She fell asleep the minute she put on her jammies. Deep, deep sleep. 2 Comments so far […]

  2. You’re so busted!

    That’s when I say, loudly in return, “No, I asked you gently to please lower your voice young man.”

    Then wait to see if she buys it . . .

  3. She nailed me! Cathy and I belly laughed and Amy puffed her lip and declared, “It’s not funny!” I rarely say “shut up” because I don’t like it. Just an overly abrassive and rude phrase so she got me good.

    I’ll definitely try your technique the next time I slip.

  4. She doesn’t fear you enough. Rule by fear, Doug. Its the only way, and it ensures an interesting adolescence.

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