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How’s life?

Sometimes I want to post intimate details, no not those kind, of my life but to do so would really overstep the bounds of good taste and common sense. I work as an independent consultant. It is a terribly difficult way to live but offers great rewards (otherwise, why do it?). I think people would find the challenges I face intriguing; however, clients relations could be damaged and friends and family would turn up the frequency of the "why don’t you get a real job" question. Psst! Hey Spanky. I’ve got a real job!

We tend to live a feast or famine lifestyle; not much of a middle ground. I know! I’ll write a book. It can be published at a later time when the information will not result in harsh criticisms from those who cannot see the long term benefit of the present day suffering nor will it compromise my relationships with clients and locals. Once upon a time…

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