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Programming challenge!

I’ve submitted my question to the TinyMCE support forum. Can you figure it out before they can?

3 thoughts on “Programming challenge!

  1. Actually, that’s perfectly normal behavior. Since you’re not actually “specifying” a font in the beginning (merely display what it’s gonna use), you’re getting exactly what you asked for. TinyMCE doesn’t automagically “do” anything until you actually “change” from the default input text — which is unformatted.

    You might try an “OnMouseDown” js event in textarea to change the font properties, and set “submitted=1” so you don’t end up with an endless loop… e.g. “onMouseDown=”javascript:setTheFont();” and “if (!$submitted==’1′) { do it all; }” inside the function…

  2. Excellent! Thanks. I’ll see what I can do.

  3. Or sent your output to another function which wraps it in a CSS div … … or … Even … don’t worry about it, and change all that stuff on the front end like it’s supposed to be. Do you really want all that “code” in with your data?

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