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Moan your IP address

Yesterday I mentioned a service that geographically tries to put your location on a map based on your IP address. An IP address uniquely identifies you (in some cases your network) on the Internet. If you are using a cable company or phone company for your Internet service, your IP address may periodically change. For privacy purposes or other reason you may want to know what the current address representing you.

As a side note, often the public IP address is simply that of the modem at your house. If you have a network behind that modem (which would be connected to the modem by a router), then the world will see all computers in your house as having the same IP address. Technically, the world thinks you have only one computer.

When I wanted to know my ip, I used to jump over to But never again! From now on, I want a sexy girl to moan my ip! When you go to your speakers need to be on. Although the voice might get you some looks, the site should be considered worksafe. If you are concerned, is absolutely worksafe.

Make sure your toolkit of bookmarks includes and

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  1. Oooh, that will come in handy, some lonely night!

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