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I’ve got a butt!

Uncle Jim has a great song that the children love (and I do too!) called "I’ve Got a Butt" on his Let There Be Fun CD. Go listen to track 8. Hit the XMKids request line at XMFan to get the full song played.

Jim Mayer, aka Uncle Jim, is an award-winning children’s music performer who has been playing children’s music since 2002. The term “Uncle Jim” is not a figurative one; Jim has twenty nieces and nephews and he knows what kids like! [Source]

He’s a Tennessean! Living in Nashville. Now which child needs to join the fanclub?

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  2. who sings that song,, i need to know

  3. The singer is Jim Mayer, aka Uncle Jim. His website is . The album can be found at Amazon or at iTunes . It is a great song!

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