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Warning to cat owners!

Keep your cats indoors at night if you are in Columbia SC! I’m sure we will see this announced on the Psychozilla Tribune soon. (Russ?) I have seen the photographic evidence! Columbia, SC has a cat vampire! Remember, vampires cannot enter your house unless you invite them in so as long as kitty stays indoors, they will be safe from Catdrakula. Oh the humanity!

3 thoughts on “Warning to cat owners!

  1. Makes me wonder who’d win if Catdrakula ran into Bunnicula. The fur would fly.

  2. Duly noted … you must be careful with this kind of vampire cat because she sneaks up on you with her cuteness, then strikes when you least expect it. Then you start to notice fleas at work.

  3. Although I am currently occupied writing stories about Ogg the Caveman and the prophecies of Nostradamus, I’m certain one of the crack team of PZT investigative reporters will be right on this case.

    Stay tuned!

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