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Getting Cultured Tonight – How many ways?

Thanks in part to Frank Murphy, Noah and I will be participating in the Knoxville Symphony Orchestra‘s blogger’s night.

Afterwards, thanks to Barry, in response to Cathy, I may be further cultured or drugged or just working.

Noah is particularly interested because of his new found love of percussion. I really hope he gets to interact with some of the percussionists during the post-concert reception. Noah will certainly be the youngest blogger in the crowd but I assure you, he will blog about it! In the realm of "it don’t get smaller than Knoxville" Frank Murphy performs with Einstein Simplified. I was one of the founding members of Einstein Simplified and performed at Manhattan’s for 2 years before life got in the way.

3 thoughts on “Getting Cultured Tonight – How many ways?

  1. We’re puttin’ on our fancy duds and headin’ that way too! See you there!

    (Notice that I am delicately avoiding the whole marmalade issue … )

  2. See you there!

  3. It was nice almost meeting you at the KSO. Thanks for the heads up on Noha’s site, that’s pretty cool to blogging already!

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