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The Internet Can Shutdown Now

Best comment e’var!

Somewhere, a fat, nerdy kid with a broom stick in hand feels utterly vindicated. [Source by Jon]

The comment was a response to the The Most Amazing Video Of A Girl Playing Star Wars On The Trumpet… EVER video seen below.

4 thoughts on “The Internet Can Shutdown Now

  1. I almost hate that her past is so suddenly coming back to haunt her, almost. I also almost wonder if she ever learned how to play the trumpet.

  2. One of the commenters, a musician, on another thread pointed out that it’s not that she’s play badly (which she may be) but that the accompanying music is in a different key than what she is playing. I just don’t know. The Chaplin bit rocks!

  3. I just had to stop watching … my eyes were watering, my ears bleeding … I just don’t think it’s fair to my new computer.

  4. I thinking of turning it into my cell phone’s ring tone.

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