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Oh Deer!

Cathy and I don’t get much adult social time. Between work and the children, we live fairly sequestered. Last night we took a break to have a social gathering with our friends that helped School Matters come be. The home of our host was not too far from our own and was lovely! Unlike the modern bulldoze and prefab on a flat property, this house was built with the contours of the land. Aside from visiting and conversing with adults, the best part was as we unloaded Amy and Evan from the van, two doe passed not 20 meters away from us!

2 thoughts on “Oh Deer!

  1. That’s cool. It’s funny that regardless how many deer are all over Tennessee, we still get a charge out of seeing them. I passed a group of about 7 just standing around on the side of I-40 on my way to Nashville the other day..

  2. One of the people I know about a half mile from my house say the deer are so thick that she has to periodically hire a hunter to thin the herd. The trick is she only has 4 acres so the kill has to begin and end on her property. You’re right. It is funny that we get so excited over something that really is sort of common place in East TN.

    It’s the red fox I miss the most. Guess they’ve gone to see ‘Lizabeth. I used to see lots of red fox around here and I can’t recall the last time I saw one on the roadside dead or alive.

    I haven’t seen a black snake in the yard since I ran the lawn mower over a 4 footer several years ago. But we still have 2 or more huge owls living the neighborhood.

    I love wild life!

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